Posted by: catniprabbit | March 15, 2009

No Country for Rabbits

Catnip Rabbit has his own comic strip in nana10, in which he comments on recent events in science and technology.

No Country for Rabbits


Posted by: catniprabbit | December 18, 2008

Catnip Rabbit guest stars on the Garage Geeks

Posted by: catniprabbit | December 11, 2008

Catnip Rabbit’s self-attack elections campaign

Following Ehud Barak’s bizzare elections campaign in Israel,  The Japanese Catnip Rabbit started a campaign of his own in Nana10.

Not a rabbit. No catnip. Not Japanese.

Posted by: catniprabbit | December 4, 2008

Catnip Rabbit st.

Catnip Rabbit has been busy. He flew to New York (but the pictures were lost), and then to Paris (but the pictures were seized by the Mossad or something). Right now he’s hanging with Survivors. Hopefully there will be pictures soon.

Meanwhile, In this week’s Photoshop Police, Catnip finally gets the honor he deserves.

Catnip Rabbit St., Ma'ale Shoshana

Posted by: catniprabbit | October 31, 2008

A very Catnip Rabbit Bar-B-Q

Posted by: catniprabbit | October 29, 2008

Catnip Rabbit kinda looks like Kirsten dunst

According to the Photoshop Police.

Posted by: catniprabbit | October 28, 2008

Catnip Rabbit @ Nana10

Posted by: catniprabbit | October 11, 2008

Catnip Rabbit says: Recycle


Recyclying is very important because we need to save our planet and stuff

Posted by: catniprabbit | October 4, 2008

Rock Band

Last night Catnip Rabbit and the guys had a ROCK BAND PARTY!

Posted by: catniprabbit | September 28, 2008

Catnip Rabbit’s journey to Austria, The End

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